How to build a george bush painting: Paint on your house

It looks like a cartoon painting, but the artist behind it has a passion for making cartoons and drawing them into objects.George Bush was a big fan of the cartoon series My Little Pony.“It’s a show that was popular at the time I was growing up,” Bush said in a 2015 interview with NPR.“My favorite […]

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How to decorate your home with Christmas Paint

How to Decorate Your Home With Christmas Paint – From the original painting to the decorations.Christmas decorations are just one of many decorations you can decorate to add to your home.But in the spirit of Christmas, we thought we’d explore some of the more unique Christmas decorations to decorating your home to create a more […]

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How the world’s best paint artist is making art out of old photographs

In an effort to bring back the art of the old, the world-renowned artist and painter Rembrandt has taken the time to create an entire new painting collection of old photos.A group of Rembrandts have taken the photographs of their childhoods and put them into a new painting book called The Painting of the Dead.The […]

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When You’re Not Being Served: 10 Ways to Make Money in Your Home with Paint Pen Pens

You know when you start to see the same paint pen or paintbrush in your home for so long that you don’t want to touch it anymore?That’s when it’s time to start getting creative. The best way to do that is by painting your own home. “There are a lot of people who have done it successfully, […]

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How to paint a ‘ghostly’ American Gothic Painting with Substance Painter

We’re in the early days of American Gothic painting.In the past few years, we’ve seen many new approaches being explored.One is to make a ghostly version of an old American painting.We’ve seen this technique in the works of artists like Mark Zukerman, whose “A Ghost Story” is an amalgam of American painterly styles, such as […]

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