Which Christmas paintings do you love the most?

A new Christmas painting series from the artist, Valspar, is taking on a new, unique look.The artist, whose work is showcased in The New York Times bestseller, said she had wanted to paint Christmas in a different way for the series, but didn’t know how.“I’m a fan of Christmas,” she said.“So when I got the […]

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Wall Painting, Paintings and Rocks, Waves, and Light Gray Paint Colors

The National Park Service is considering banning the use of “Wall Painting,” a popular term for outdoor painting, painting, and rock art that’s popular in Colorado.The park service recently asked the Colorado Supreme Court to take up the issue, after Colorado state officials ruled that the word “wall” was too common in the state.The word […]

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Irishman dies after accidentally shooting himself in head with a paint gun

The Irishman who was killed by an accidental shooting by a police officer in Dublin this week has been identified as his neighbour’s brother, a police spokesman said on Saturday.The unnamed man, aged in his 30s, died after the incident at his home in Dublin’s west between 1am and 3am on Friday.“The deceased was the […]

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Which paint colors have the most ‘chalkboards’

With the advent of the chalkboard, the paint-based paint that gives chalkboards their color can be hard to find.Here’s a look at the most popular paints, based on the percentage of chalkboard paint in use in the U.S. and other countries.1.Blue: 20.5%2.Green: 13.4%3.Yellow: 12.5.Purple: 12%4.Green (all colors): 11.4%.Red: 10.4%,Blue (with some red accents): 10.2%.Yellow (with […]

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