When You’re Not Being Served: 10 Ways to Make Money in Your Home with Paint Pen Pens

You know when you start to see the same paint pen or paintbrush in your home for so long that you don’t want to touch it anymore?That’s when it’s time to start getting creative. The best way to do that is by painting your own home. “There are a lot of people who have done it successfully, […]

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Which paint is better? Valspar or chalk?

Valspaar, the white paint with the same consistency as paint thinner, is more durable.You can’t break it if you break it, so you won’t need to apply a lot of it.Chalk spray paints, on the other hand, can be messy.They dry out quickly, and they’ll stain.This makes them difficult to clean.That means you need to […]

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When you are using plastic paint, do you think you will lose the paint?

Posted August 06, 2018 04:24:52I’m not a big fan of using plastic paints.It feels like it makes me feel like a complete idiot.When you have the ability to make a painting out of paint and you just use it for nothing, it feels like a waste of time.I think plastic paint should be used for […]

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How to paint leather on a stencil

When it comes to stenciling, you’ll be looking at a lot of options.Some stencil makers can produce ink in a liquid or powder form, while others will use the most traditional method of using a metal pen.Here’s how to choose the right stencils for your project.First, get a paint pen.For some of the cheaper brands, […]

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