When mountain painting becomes art

By David P. MartinPublished November 21, 2016 05:30:56A new study by the University of Arizona and Arizona State University has shown that mountain painting is art, a finding that could be helpful for a generation of artists who are struggling to break through to the mainstream.The findings come in the wake of the “mascot movement,” […]

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When it comes to making the best painting, no other medium is better than canvas

The art world is filled with a multitude of different mediums, but none has the same amount of power and depth as painting. In fact, most artists have no idea how to paint, let alone how to master it.We all have different levels of proficiency with painting, but painting is a universal skill, regardless of where […]

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How to spot fake art, from the street to a masterclass

We’ve all been there: We see a painting we love and we don’t like.It looks too good.We ask the artist to take it back, but the response is always the same: It’s not a real painting.How do we tell?It could be because the artist hasn’t worked on it long enough.It could also be that the […]

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Which pumpkins are best?

The UK’s official pumpkins list is getting a makeover as it’s being updated to include more pumpkins and it’s not just for Christmas.The UK’s pumpkins official pumpkin season has just begun, and with the Christmas market over, it seems that the UK has been getting more pumpkin-themed than ever. The official pumpkin seasonal season began in […]

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Can’t be helped, says artist who painted bunting

On a windy day, when the sky is clear, you’re not going to get a good look at a painting.But that’s exactly what the artist who created the bunting is doing.The artist has put the bun in a gallery.Artist David Legg, who created bunting art for a number of years, said the bun would be […]

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