How to Paint a Face with Acrylic Paint Stripper

This tutorial shows you how to paint a face with acrylic paint stripper.

You can use this technique to paint your own, or for your own friends to paint their own faces.

It also demonstrates how to apply the paint and paintbrush in a single stroke, as well as how to control the flow of paint. 

I used a black acrylic paint that had been used in my past to paint my nails.

If you prefer to use a lighter colour, you can add some white to the paint before applying the acrylic paint.

You will need a brush and a paint stick, and some clear paint, as this will help the acrylic mix adhere to your skin.

You could also use a small clear acrylic paint bottle for this.

Paint the eyes First, apply a layer of acrylic paint to the outer corner of your eye, then apply a thin layer of white paint to that area.

Then apply a final layer of paint to your eyelids, and repeat until the entire eye is painted.

You can then move on to the rest of your face.

Use the same technique for the eyes, but with your eyes painted first.

The eyes can be painted in any colour you want.

I chose white, which was easy to apply and did not require any extra care.

The only thing that I did was to use some clear acrylic to give my eyes some depth.

When it came to applying the paint to my face, I started by using a thin coat of paintbrush.

The paintbrush will need to be slightly larger than the paint stick I used for the eye area, but it is still fine.

The paintbrush should have a circular shape, and a thin tip that is flat on the surface.

I then used a brush to brush on the paint, making sure to make a smooth stroke.

The brush should then go in the same direction as the stroke you made with the paintbrush, and brush back off again.

This will give a nice smooth finish.

Repeat this process for the rest, and then apply your last layer of the same colour.

Finish off with the eyelids Once the eyelid paint is dry, apply the remaining layer of clear acrylic on the outer part of your eyelid.

You should end up with a thin white line running along the line of the paint.

This is a very good time to paint the eyes in the middle, as it gives the eyelashes a little extra depth.

You don’t need to do this, as you’ll be able to paint all the eyes at once.

Paint your mouth The next step is to paint on your mouth.

The mouth is the part of the face that you actually look at, and the lips are just the surface of your mouth where your mouth actually meets your teeth.

Paint a thin line across the inside of your lip, and use a paintbrush to paint over the lines of your teeth, and create a line.

To make the line, start by applying a thin, flat line across your entire mouth, then starting from the center of the line.

You’ll want to start at the inside, then work your way to the outside.

You want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the line going all the way across your whole mouth.

Now that the line is drawn, paint the mouth.

This is the easy part.

Just start with the line across you mouth, and paint across it to create a thin border, and work your line down the outside of your lips.

Then paint the lips in the exact same way as the line was drawn, but this time paint the outer edges of your cheeks with a layer (or two) of white acrylic paint on the outside, then the inside.

I used a thinner white than the outer edge of the lines painted on my cheeks, but if you prefer, you could also paint your cheeks a little lighter colour.

Apply the paint again, and this time, use a thin brush to paint across your mouth, to create the outline of your smile. 

Repeat this step for your other lips, and you should have finished the eyes.

Make sure to apply your final layer to your eyes.

Apply the paint on everything You are now ready to apply all the layers of paint you used to paint eyelids and mouth.

Start with the outer corners of your eyes, and make sure to brush the lines across them to create some texture.

Next, paint on any parts of your body that you like to make some colour changes, and apply the layers as needed.

Finally, apply your paint on anything else that you’d like to paint, such as the nose, lips, or any other parts that you think might look different.

I’m sure you’ll want a few different colours to apply to your nose.

Once you’ve applied the colours to your face, paint them with white paint and apply a coat of white to your lips and

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