Why are you so afraid of water?

A new study finds that people are more afraid of having to wash their dishes than they are of being sprayed with water, according to the study published in the journal Psychological Science.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia and the University at Buffalo conducted an experiment that was designed to test how people react to water spray in a bathroom.

Participants were shown a photo of water spray, and they were then shown a video of a woman washing her hands in a sink.

The video showed a man in the background holding a bucket, and the water spray was sprayed into the bucket.

The bucket filled up with water and then was sprayed out again.

The researchers also presented participants with the photo of the bucket full of water and the video of the man in front of it.

In this scenario, the participant was shown the water bucket, but was told to hold it in one hand while the water in the bucket was sprayed.

The water spray didn’t have to come from the bucket, the researchers explained.

Participants were also told that the water that was sprayed was not safe to drink, but they weren’t told why.

The participants were asked to rate how scared they were of the water, and how safe they felt about drinking it.

They were also asked how much they would trust the person who was spraying the water with a bucket of water.

The researchers found that participants were more likely to be scared of the woman holding the bucket of the hose, but not the person in the video.

They also were less likely to trust the man holding the water bottle, who was holding a plastic bucket instead of a hose.

Participation in the study was anonymous, so the researchers were unable to see whether participants would have been willing to do this in a real-world situation.

This could have implications for water-related safety in public spaces, such as bathrooms, according Toomas Zalavski, a professor at the University College London and the study’s lead author.

He told ABC News, “If we’re worried about the potential risk of spraying someone with a hose, then why are we so afraid to have water in our shower or in our kitchen?”

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