What’s next for Bob Ross? – Bloomberg

Bob Ross’s painting career has been a steady stream of changes.

Ross, the former chief of the National Park Service, made his first painting in 1978 at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Atlanta, where he also was the curator of the African American Collection, the largest in the United States.

He also did the painting for the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, before the National Gallery of Art, where the work won the prestigious painting of the year award in 2000.

He painted in the same style and style of other American artists like Francis Bacon and John Cage, and later became known for the murals in the Smithsonian and in the Art Institute of Chicago, among other institutions.

He’s been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism for his style.

One critic called it “shameful,” while another said it was “truly terrible.”

He’s since painted for other museums, including the American Museum of Natural History, the British Museum and the National Academy of Sciences.

Now he’s taking another step in his art career by painting a mural on the Smithsonian’s National Mall.

Ross is now a member of the commission that will paint the mural in front of the Smithsonian on Sept. 15, the first day of the exhibition, which is being held in the building that houses the National Mall and is the gateway to Washington, D.C. It will be Ross’s first time painting a large mural on public property, the National Architectural Record, the record-keeping organization for the nation’s architects.

Ross told Bloomberg that his painting will not feature any images of President Donald Trump.

The mural is a nod to Ross’s love of American history and culture, and a way of expressing the nation through his work, he said.

He said he decided to paint the large mural after he was told by one of his students that a piece of a mural was going to be displayed at the Smithsonian.

He thought the mural would be of a different type of work, a less dramatic, more abstract one.

It’s a really beautiful mural, and I just wanted to paint it to show what I think is great about the United State of America,” Ross said.

Ross said the painting is about the history of the United Kingdom, the United Nations and the United Nation, as well as other topics he considers important.

He didn’t reveal what kind of work will be featured on the mural, but he said it would be an important piece in the history and cultural legacy of the U.S. It is expected to be the first large mural to be painted in front the National Monument.

The National Park is an area of the park that includes monuments, museums, historical sites, scenic views and other features, and the public can visit from any time of the day or night.

Ross will paint a large portrait of President Trump on the wall of the new National Museum.

He has been asked to paint several other murals on public land since he first began painting large murals, including a mural of a horse in a Washington park. “

It’s going to become a piece in our history,” Ross told The Associated Press in an interview last year.

He has been asked to paint several other murals on public land since he first began painting large murals, including a mural of a horse in a Washington park.

Ross painted large muralties for the Smithsonian for decades before he was appointed by then-President Barack Obama in 2013.

Ross has been working on the new mural since late February, and is scheduled to start painting on the Mall on Sept 17, the day before the exhibit opens.

Ross was on the National Parks Advisory Council for a time in 2012 and 2013.

The panel recommended a new monument to honor Ross and other American icons such as Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Ross won an Academy Award for the mural at the museum in 2000, and has been on a world tour since then.

He won a Peabody Award for his work on a monument in China.

He did murals for the White House and on the grounds of the Whitehouse.

He drew attention for his large, bold, colorful work of art on the walls of the Oval Office, which also included the National Building Museum.

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