NSW paint your caravan paint,nights out for your dog

More than a year after the NSW government launched its first pet paint scheme, it’s not clear how many people have actually seen the program.

Photo: SuppliedThe scheme launched in late 2017 has now been extended to all NSW communities and has been hailed as a success by pet owners and vets.

Pet owners who’ve applied for the paint scheme will be able to buy it at the local pet shop and at pet shops across NSW, as well as at PetSafe, a local pet welfare organisation.

Pet owner Paul Brown said he was excited by the scheme, and hoped people would use it as an opportunity to make a donation.

“I think it’s going to be great to see people using this to paint their caravans,” Mr Brown said.

“It’s great to have people who have never painted a vehicle paint it.”

Mr Brown said some of the paint he’d seen from other paint schemes was very expensive, with one of his dogs costing $2,500.

“This is really going to give people the opportunity to paint it,” he said.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to see what it can do for their animals.”

What you need to know about the painting scheme:Paint scheme is now available to all members of the public, regardless of where they live and whether they’ve previously owned a vehicle, according to the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Communications.

The scheme costs $75 to $75.50, and a person can buy up to 20 units at a time, or up to five for $50.

PetSafe said a full range of paint schemes for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and guinea-pigs were available.

How to apply:If you’ve applied online or via a pet shop, you’ll be contacted by the NSW department of primary industries and communications in 24 hours.

You’ll need to provide a valid email address and to register online, and you’ll need a valid pet insurance card.

You can also apply by calling the NSW state government at 1300 899 478.

Pets can apply online through the PetSafe NSW website, or by visiting their nearest pet shop.

PetSafe said the scheme was designed to be more accessible for pet owners who’d previously painted their vehicles, but not all paint schemes are available to everyone.

“Our intention is to give the paint a wider reach and help people see the difference between a vehicle and a painting,” PetSafe general manager of campaigns and communications Sarah MacGregor said.

She said the paint was meant to be a “safer” alternative to paint used by the pet industry, as it would not harm the animals or other people.

“There are some areas where people might not have painted their vehicle, so the paint will not harm them or their pets,” Ms MacGregors said.

The NSW government said the program was being rolled out across the state, and that it expected to see “millions of paint orders” made by people across the country.

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