Can you buy a $1 million house for $150,000?

The house is on a cul-de-sac on a stretch of Lake George near the Canadian border, on a quiet residential street, and it’s a pretty nice place.

It’s a nice house with a nice yard, a nice backyard, and a good garden.

But the paint on the house is all over the place.

It’s on the walls, on the ceiling, on everything.

“I’m very surprised to find that they’ve gone ahead and put this paint on this house,” said David Mowry, a real estate agent in the area who has owned the house for two years.

Mowry said he bought the house in July.

The paint was purchased from the Ottawa suburb of Leamington for $1,200 and it came from a local paint store.

He said the paint came from an old paint store in the Ottawa area, which has had it for decades.

According to the paint store, the paint was a combination of red and blue, which means it was originally white.

However, the house has been painted red in the past.

In the past, Mowary said, the owner of the paint shop had used it to paint the walls of his shop, but then decided it was too expensive to keep up with the paint.

So, MOWry said, he bought a paintbrush and painted the walls red.

Now, the only place the paint is left is in the kitchen.

A neighbour who lives in the house and has been looking at it said he’s not sure what’s wrong with it.

She said the house was a nice home for a long time, but it’s now been damaged.

When the house first arrived, the neighbours said they didn’t know what to expect.

They thought it was just a nice little house.

At first, the neighbour said, they thought they were going to get a nice big house, or a nice old one.

Then they started to notice a lot of things missing.

There’s not much wood.

There’s not a lot, no porch.

There are no windows.

There is a sink that hasn’t been cleaned for a while.

And the only furniture is a big table.

For some reason, they’ve left the door open all the time.

And they’ve been putting up white walls on the front of the house, which isn’t what we expected,” she said.

On Monday, Mowery contacted the Ottawa police and the Ottawa Conservation Authority.

After a few days of talking to the agency, Mowlry and his neighbours said, there’s no way they’re getting their house back.

Catherine Raupp, an Ottawa-based attorney, told the CBC News she’s not surprised the paint has been damaged, because Ottawa has a law that prohibits selling houses without a permit.

You can’t buy a house with paint and a door that isn’t painted.

The city’s code requires that a paint shop be located within 30 metres of a residential property.

Raupp said the Ottawa Landlord and Tenant Board could issue an order to take the house back, or at least allow the neighbour to do so.

If that’s not possible, the agency could contact the Ottawa City Council, she said, which could require the city to come up with a plan to restore the property.

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