Why Christmas Paintings Are More Than just a Painting, Experts Say

Experts say Christmas decorations are art.

And for the uninitiated, they’re all about bringing back the fun.

So, how can you tell if they’re art?

In this special edition of CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition, we’re going to take a closer look.

1:00 – Christmas Painting: A Decoration that’s not just art.

“A Christmas painting is a picture that has been painted on a piece of wood, it’s got decorations on it,” says Anne-Marie Cavanaugh, an art historian at the University of Toronto.

“The idea is to create a feeling, to evoke an emotion, to create something special.”

So, what is a Christmas painting?

“It’s a piece that you paint on a wood, which is a form of paint that you can buy at most home stores,” says Cavanaugh.

“Then, you put some glue on the back of it and then you paint it.

That’s the way you make a Christmas picture.

That is the way we make Christmas paintings.”

2:30 – Artistic Inspiration: How did the artists in the past create this festive, artistic masterpiece?

It could be a story.

“There’s a story behind it,” explains Cavanaugh about the story behind a Christmas Christmas painting.

“Some people paint pictures on Christmas trees, so people may think, ‘That’s a Christmas tree.

That doesn’t belong to me.

This is mine.'”

3:30 – A Christmas Gift: How do you give a Christmas gift?

“You have to be careful, because there are different rules for gifts that are made of wood and for gift boxes,” explains Chris Prentice, the Art Director at the Toronto Art Gallery.

“If you’re a gift recipient, then you’re supposed to keep a box of your Christmas tree with you for your child to look at and to look through and to touch.

“That’s what we’re talking about here: a gift that is safe to give your child.” “

4:00 – A Merry Christmas Gift from the Marketplace: What can you do for the next Christmas season? “

That’s what we’re talking about here: a gift that is safe to give your child.”

4:00 – A Merry Christmas Gift from the Marketplace: What can you do for the next Christmas season?

“There are a lot of things you can do, like buy a gift for someone in your neighbourhood and put it on a tree or a tree stand and put the tree in a place that’s out of the way of the street and out of sight of other people,” says Prentice.

“It makes it really easy for them to enjoy Christmas.”

5:30- Why Christmas is a Tradition: How are Christmas traditions related to art?

“Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ,” says Chris Pasternak, the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto.

So how does that relate to art, specifically, the Christmas decorations?

“A lot of the decorations on the tree or on the stand represent Christ and the birth,” says Paul Bercovici, the Associate Professor of Art at the School of Art and Design at the Ryerson University.

“I think that the traditions that people are attached to and the symbols that are attached in different ways to Christmas have been around for a long time.

They’re symbolic of Christ, they can be a symbol of birth, they represent the birth, or they represent a place where you can be vulnerable to a sense of hope.”

6:00- Christmas is an Advent Day Tradition: Are there any other traditions associated with Christmas that you would like to share?


There’s not one tradition that’s universal and that’s what I mean by universal.

There are traditions that are universal, that can be celebrated by everybody.

I think there’s an enormous need for this holiday,” says Darryl Brown, a professor of contemporary art at the City of Toronto who studies art history and culture. “

“I think the way people celebrate Christmas is important.

So why is it so important to celebrate Christmas? “

Christmas itself is about hope and hope is about joy and joy is about life.”

So why is it so important to celebrate Christmas?

“Because we’re a family, and we’re all in this together.

So it’s important for us to be part of the celebration.

I love to be in a festive mood and I love it when my children are around.””

For me, I think it’s about finding joy in things that make me happy and doing things that are fun and doing the things that you like to do.

I love to be in a festive mood and I love it when my children are around.”

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