‘The End Of The World As We Know It’ – the End Of Things As We See Them

Next Big News, in the coming days, will feature the final chapter in the long and storied story of a band whose debut album The End Of Everything As We Expected was a critical and commercial success. 

It will also feature a selection of special guests from the band’s past, including founding member Tom Jones, bassist Peter Hook and drummer Timmy Smith.

Ahead of the event, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite moments from the record, and we asked you to vote in our poll for the best song on the album.

 The Top 10 are:1.

‘In My Mind’ – Peter Hook – ‘In Your Mind’The music video for ‘In my Mind’ was a hit with audiences. 

In it, Hook performs a slow-burning, looping solo that evokes the quiet solitude of his childhood in London.


‘You Can’t Take It Back’ – Timmy Jones – ‘You’re The Only One That Matters’The band’s debut album was an instant hit.

The song’s lyrics were a plea to stay true to who you are and to be happy with who you love.


‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ – Tom Jones –’Don’t’Tom Jones’ ‘Don’ was an anthem of love and support to a troubled teenage girl.


‘Singing About Love’ – Pete Hook –’Singing In My Mind’, ‘Donn’t Leave Us Now’ and ‘Singer’Tom’s ‘Don Don’ was one of the band´s first hits, as it featured on their second album, ‘Songs Of Love And Hope’.


‘Ain’t Nobody’ – Chris Cornell – ‘Don´t You Ever Go There’The song ‘AIN’ was featured on ‘You´re The Only Thing That Matters’.


‘The Night You Died’ – Paul Simon – ‘Sings About Love And Peace’The group´s biggest hit.’

Songs of love & peace’ features Paul Simon in a band video and on a cover of Elvis Presley´s ‘Let It Be’.


‘I´m Sorry’ – Brian Eno – ‘I Don´t Want To Lose You’The video for the group´t ‘I Just Want To Hold Your Hand’ is one of its most popular and enduring.


‘Losing My Edge’ – The Prodigy – ‘What´s My Name?’

The song featured on The Prodigal Son.


‘Wake Me Up’ – Neil Young – ‘Let´s Make A Deal’Neil Young was the first to use the title of his debut album ‘Live at Leeds Arena’ to describe his work on his first solo album, Live at Leeds.


‘All My Life’ – Bruce Springsteen – ‘A Walk In The Park’The cover of Bruce Springstead´s song ‘All my life’ has become a classic in rock’n´roll, with Bruce, with his trademark guitar and lead vocals, performing it at shows.

“It´s always been a dream to have a song that has such a huge impact on the music industry, and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to sing it,” Bruce said in a statement.

Watch the video for Neil Young´s cover of ‘Let Us Make A Promise’Here are some other highlights of the album:1- ‘I Never Will’ – Billy Joel – ‘Live At Leeds Arena”When you listen to this song, you don´t really get the idea of where it came from.

It was just a feeling of something I wanted to do, and it was just my way of saying ‘No’.

2- ‘Love Will Find A Way’ – Michael Jackson – ‘Walk On The Sun’The title track from the group’s second album.”

I remember hearing this song for the first time in front of my parents and seeing how they reacted.

It brought tears to my eyes and it really stuck with me.

3- ‘Hallelujah’ – Sting – ‘Hail Mary’The lead single from Sting´s third album.

It was just something that came to me when I was in my early twenties.

4- ‘A Song For My Father’ – Ray Charles – ‘Wanted Me Back’The single that became Sting´ second single, and which was one that they performed at every show they did in the UK. 5- ‘The World Is Yours To Own’ – Pink Floyd – ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’The album’s title track.

6- ‘Tiny Cities’ – Prince – ‘Ride Along’The track that was included on Prince´s fourth album, and is still one of his most popular tracks.

7- ‘We Are The Champions’

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