‘Sherwin Williams’ painting is a perfect metaphor for the US election

It’s a good thing that the election has been so uneventful that we can all relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee without worrying about what the next President will be like.

That’s what happened with the painting that appeared in the Times last week, “Sherwins Painting.”

The painting is entitled “The U.S. Election of 2020.”

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also the work of an artist who has worked in a variety of media, from print to digital to video.

The artist, Sherwin Williams, is a prominent figure in contemporary American painting, especially the work he did for the New York Times.

He’s also one of the most popular artists in America.

He is known for his use of bold, stylized, colorful and often controversial colors.

“Sherwillys Painting” was created in the 1960s by Williams, who has lived in New York City since the early 1960s.

It’s currently on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Williams is known as a painter who is influenced by artists such as Frank Stella and Claude Monet.

I was reminded of this painting as I was browsing through my Instagram feed when I came across a photo of Williams and his wife, Mary, who is a longtime New York-based art director.

In the photo, Mary stands next to a picture of Williams’ own son, and she’s smiling.

There’s no way in hell that Mary would smile at Williams, I think.

What do you think?

Is it really necessary to go to all the trouble of buying a painting to learn about how the US Presidential Election has been going so far off the rails?

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