How to Get a Bathroom Painting for $150 (And Free!)

It was an eventful evening on the Upper East Side, as a crowd of friends and family gathered to take a look at a new work of art.

The project by local artist Matt Leckie and his team was titled “Cloud Painting.”

The painting is a digital render of the sky, depicting a swirling cloud, as seen through the window of the apartment building.

Leckie has painted the work in various styles, including blue and yellow, red and purple, and gold.

It is a limited edition of 20, and the artist says he plans to release it on Tuesday, April 12.

“I’m always looking for new ways to express myself,” Leck, 22, told Vice News.

He says he was inspired by the fact that he can create the art using a variety of materials and styles.

We’re all pretty good at finding ways to get into the creative zone, he said.

In order to create the artwork, Leck first developed a prototype of a “solar-powered” paint sprayers, using his own personal paint can as a template.

While the sprayers aren’t perfect, Leick says they work well for creating clouds and water.

As the artist explains, if you don’t have a bathroom that is very far from your apartment, the sprayer can be used as a makeshift umbrella or umbrella stand.

A shower can be sprayed with the spray and a can of paint can be placed on top of the spray for additional protection.

The artist said the spray can also be used to paint the outside of the house, as the outside can be seen from outside, and then covered with a piece of paper and spray paint.

Although the painting is not as detailed as a traditional painting, Lecker says it can be a great way to share his own artworks.

I think a lot of artists are like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m just doing a bathroom painting, and it’s a really nice way to say thank you,’ he said, adding that the artwork could also be for the home or even be used for a show.

This is really cool.

I think that’s how art is supposed to work, Lecko said.

“You create something for someone else, and they’re not gonna know what to do with it.”

He said that he hopes that his work inspires other artists to continue their creative pursuits.

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