Aussie paintings are the new gold

AUSTRALIA is experiencing a renaissance painting boom, according to new research from a leading art news outlet.

Art historian and art collector David Wrens says the boom in art appreciation is partly driven by a growing appreciation for classic works of art by Australians.

“We know that Australia is one of the most visually beautiful countries in the world and so it’s a perfect place to do this,” Mr Wren said.

“There are lots of great artists and they have their own distinct style and their own distinctive visual language and style that has really caught the imagination of Australians.”

Mr Wren has published his findings in a book entitled The Australian Painting Boom: Art History, Art History Through the Eyes of Australians.

Mr W, who is also a professor of art history at the University of Western Australia, says that, on average, Australians enjoy over 40 per cent more paintings of their own than any other country in the World.

“This is a huge opportunity for Australia to really show the world what we can do,” he said.

Mr James says that while the popularity of art is not directly linked to the global economic downturn, Australians have embraced the art and painting culture in Australia.

“Australian people are really passionate about the art of Australia and they love their heritage, they love the way we do things, they’re just looking for a little bit of fun and a bit of inspiration,” he told the ABC.

“They’re always looking for something different.”

Art historian David Wrens says Australians are now the largest overseas market for art and paintings.

He said Australians were the biggest overseas market globally for new works of original art and he says that was due in large part to the Australian market being so good for new and emerging artists.

“Australia is the best place for artists to make money,” Mr James said.

The rise in interest in Australian art coincided with the country’s return to the Gold Coast, which was devastated by a massive oil spill in 2010.

Mr William Jones, director of the Goldfields Museum of Art, said it was the best time to visit Australia in the last 20 years.

“You don’t see so many Australians visiting Australia because of the recession, you see them visiting other parts of the world,” he explained.

“But when you go to Australia, you get an opportunity to see the best of what Australia has to offer, the best artists and most exciting events that have happened over the years.

It’s an absolute paradise.”

He said he would be surprised if Australia did not see a resurgence in interest over the next 10 years.


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