When the paint dries, it looks like it’s been dipped in paint

An exterior paint job is just a paint job, but it can be an incredibly effective one, according to a new study. 

Researchers from the University of Oregon and the California Institute of Technology have found that when the surface of a paint-dampened concrete surface is dipped in a chemical solution, the paint-free paint is more resilient than untreated paint. 

The paint-in-sand method also makes it easier to create new coats of paint for a project. 

“We think that this new method is the next generation of paint-based coatings,” said the study’s lead author, Daniel Biesecker, a professor of mechanical engineering. 

To create the new coatings, the researchers applied the paint onto a layer of an asphalt-coated concrete and then placed a layer containing a chemical mixture. 

When the paint dry, the chemical mixture was mixed with the concrete surface, which allowed the coating to become a solid. 

Using this method, the team was able to coat the concrete walls of a new office building with a paint finish that was more durable than the treated version. 

This was a new and unexpected result, Biessecker said. 

They used an existing coating, which had a lower barrier to entry, to coat concrete floors in the new building. 

 “It really is a very different process,” Bieseecker said of this new paint-and-sand process. 

It’s a bit like adding paint to a pot of water, he added. 

Scientists are still not sure what paint- and sand-based paint-adhesives are good for. 

However, the new research adds another layer of scientific uncertainty to the world of paint adhesives. 

While the new method works well for the exterior of buildings, it could not be used for exterior paint.

In addition, this new coat of paint does not offer the same level of protection as untreated paint that has been tested in studies. 

Bieseckers team is working on another type of paint that’s even better for exterior coating than the one they used in their study. 

 “The key is the application of a coating to a concrete surface that’s already painted,” Briesecker said, adding that this type of coating can withstand even the most intense application of chemicals. 

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the new paint coating, it is hoped that the research will open up new possibilities for creating exterior coatings for building projects. 

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