How to spot fake art, from the street to a masterclass

We’ve all been there: We see a painting we love and we don’t like.

It looks too good.

We ask the artist to take it back, but the response is always the same: It’s not a real painting.

How do we tell?

It could be because the artist hasn’t worked on it long enough.

It could also be that the painting is fake.

To be sure, some of these artists don’t even bother to take the original painting home and keep it in their home.

That’s because, unlike in a gallery, in a museum, or in a shop, it’s hard to prove that the work is fake when you can’t see it in person.

So how do you tell if it’s fake?

We have a few answers, including a way to see the work in person if you want to.

We’ve seen an increasing number of fake artworks, such as paintings by Kelly Moore and Andy Warhol that look like they belong on the walls of museums or galleries.

But what about a painting by Rembrandt or a painting that looks like a painting from the 1800s?

The answer is easy: We have no way to tell.

“You can’t tell what’s real or what’s fake,” said Joachim Schellenberg, professor emeritus of art history at the University of Texas, who has studied painting and the art market.

The reason is that the only way to know if a painting is authentic is to have it authenticated.

So, what do we do?

There are two main types of authenticators: experts and consumers.

Experts are experts.

Experts have the ability to see what’s there and know that it’s real.

They also know the history of a work, its provenance, and the value of it.

They can verify authenticity by comparing a work’s provenance to a picture of a similar work that has been copied.

Consumers, on the other hand, are consumers.

They are consumers of art.

They like art, and they value authenticity.

“It’s a consumer-driven thing, and consumers tend to be better at this than experts,” Schellenburg said.

“If you want a really good picture of an art piece, you’ll need to go out and get an expert.”

The best experts will often buy the work, as well as a copy, but experts can also ask for a price cut and ask for some kind of proof.

Schellberg also said that the best art is produced by people who have been working in the art trade for a long time.

“People don’t buy art just because it’s cheap,” he said.

If you want proof of a painting, you should ask the artists about it.

If the artist isn’t willing to share it, you may have to go to the artist’s gallery or show the work to the public.

You could even find out what it was worth in person and see it for yourself.

But the only people who know what the price is are experts and the public, Schellberts said.

That means if you’re buying art from a dealer, it might be best to look for a dealer with a reputation for authenticity.

If not, you might be better off asking a friend or relative to show you the work.

What if the work doesn’t come from the dealer?

The art market has changed.

Art buyers today are interested in a lot more than buying pieces of art for a quick sale.

The artists are also paying more for art and buying it at a much higher price than they did when they were selling.

And the art world is evolving, meaning it is becoming harder for people to tell the difference between artworks that are authentic and artworks they can easily buy on eBay.

So, when someone tells you that a painting looks fake, they’re probably saying that it isn’t a real work.

But if you go and look at a painting you love, you could be right.

Sources: ABC News, Newsweek, Salon,, The Art Newspaper, Smithsonian Institution

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